Our Founder

Our Founder – Louis “Lou” Koszewski founded US Tank Protectors, Inc. back in 1989 with the vision of providing very specialized cathodic protection services to fill the growing need at that time for specialized corrosion and cathodic protection services for aboveground storage tanks.

Lou started in cathodic protection back in 1979 while he was still in high school.  Lou performed some of the first computerized cathodic protection surveys on the Alaska Pipeline.  His tireless commitment and dedication to his vision has allowed him to climb to the pinnacle of the cathodic protection industry for aboveground storage tanks.

Lou has been the chairman of NACE SP0193-2016  “Application of Cathodic Protection for on-grade Aboveground Storage Tanks” for over 20 years.  Lou is the current chairman of API committees 651 “Cathodic Protection of Above ground Petroleum Storage Tank’s” Fifth Edition.  He has author many technical papers and trade publication magazine articles on cathodic protection for aboveground storage tanks over the past 28 years.  Lou received his cathodic protection specialist certification back in 1998.  He is currently a certified NACE instructor for cathodic protection CP1 and CP2 classes.